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madworx is a consultancy company with a long and broad experience with both development and delivery of digital products and services. Our main focus is to build solutions that are robust and future-proof.

In addition to development and production, madworx can assist our customers with procuring the right services for the right price, re-selling hardware and software as well as acting as subconsultants or project managers.

Since the company started in 2002, we’ve worked together with both large and small customers and suppliers in Sweden och Europe. Our organisation is small but flexible, and we’re used to scaling up in a short time to meet the demands from our customers.

Among the projects we’ve done are development of CRM-systems, development of a distributed transaction processing and workflow platform, as well as software design for a system for mass delivery of recorded voice messages, and many more. We also continually deliver around-the-clock system management servers for a number of customers.



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